10 Useful Words to Use in Ad Copy


Not all of us are good with words, but you can’t use this excuse if you’re a copywriter, webmaster or designer. These professionals know that language influences emotion and prompts action. Think of the messages that speak to you. Which words or phrases draw you in? Which sound like more noise?

Naturally, there are words and phrases that work well in certain industries and not in others, so it’s up to you to determine what messaging speaks to your audience. If you choose the right tone and wording, you can expect to boost response, engagement and conversion rates.

Here are 10 marketing terms that are destined to make your ad copy better. Definitely split test various words and phrases to see which ones your audience responds best to.

  1. You. Yes, it’s simple and subtle, but your content and ads should be crafted around “you.” This means that you’re speaking to the customer directly rather than talking about the brand.
  1. Guaranteed. When customers feel that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, they’re more likely to follow through with the desired action. Use this word to show customers that there’s no risk in their purchase.
  1. Amazing. Don’t be afraid to use words like “fantastic,” “incredible” or “amazing.” It shows that your product isn’t just great, it’s beyond that! This entices customers to give it a try and see for themselves.
  1. Discover. This word implies that there is something new and unknown that can be experienced by your customers. People love to try new things, especially when they know it’s not mainstream yet!
  1. Act Now. This term encourages customers to act quickly in order to take advantage of your offer. If they don’t, they could miss out.
  1. Everything. Terms like “everything you need” or “everything included” is what customers want to see. They like knowing that if they buy your product or service, everything comes included in the purchase price.
  1. Never. It’s beneficial to point out a negative benefit such as “never having to pay again” or “never needing another X again.” Customers like to see that buying your product will solve a pain point for them.
  1. Proven. This word is strong because it implies that your product or service has been tested and proven to work. It could also separate you from the competition that doesn’t have the same research backing it up.
  1. Instant. We live in a society where people want instant gratification, so hearing that they can get something right away is a great selling point. Consider adding an instant download, instant coupon code or instant access with the purchase.
  1. Premium. Let your customers know that your product is of a higher quality because it uses premium materials or craftsmanship. You can also use premium in the context of your customers. What extra perks do premium customers get?

Writing ad copy deserves time and consideration. By using the right words, you can influence buyer emotions and encourage prompt actions. If you need help writing creative, engaging ads, the experts from WSI have helpful solutions for you! Give us a call today at 732-252-6025.

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