4 Simple Ways To Appeal To Millennials (and Why)


The millennial is your consumer. Often times target audience age starts in the mid 30’s; however, the young millennial is a valuable market. They are consumers, spenders, and research analysts. Reaching this segment is important to all businesses. For example, Young adults may not be homeowners (just yet) but their parents are. Those same non-homeowners are often the most respected resource when a service is being sought after. Parents ask their 25-year-old children’s’ advice on what media to consume, how to consume it, and they seek their guidance when making business decisions as well. Millennials are frequently combing the Internet helping narrow down the right service providers for their families. When a parent or grandparent is in search of a new car, a plumber, or even an HVAC repairman they often will ask a trusted millennial to help find a reputable company or service provider.

Consider keeping your digital presence millennial friendly. Websites should be modern and easy to navigate; social media posts should be frequent. Always encourage previous customers to post their positive reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

They Gen Y population is 70 million strong! Their purchase influence is even stronger. Staying immersed in the technology that fuels the daily buying patterns of a millennial should be on the top of your list.

Here are four basic tips to stay connected to that valuable millennial consumer.

  1.     Keep it clean: Maintain your website and social media; make sure the content is organized, simple, and palatable.
  1.     Up to date: Make sure your content is up to date. Landing on a website that hasn’t seen fresh blogs or activity in six months or longer is a huge red flag to the average millennial.
  1.     Reviews are king: Creating an incentive program that invites regular reviews from your existing client base.  The more reviews a product or service has the better a millennial feels about suggesting the business to their family. Reviews are today’s word of mouth.
  1.     Solid imagery: Photos and infographics help tell the stories of your business. Try to have a mix of stock photos and real photos. Taking photos of employees, merchandise, or happy clients is a great way to provide insight.

Just remember, whatever marketing segment you are trying to reach, Generation Y’s might be on the other side of the computer! Interested in creating millennial friendly elements in a millennial focused market? We can help! WSI can design modern solutions for your digital needs! Give us a call today at 732-252-6025.

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