If you are scratching your head wondering why your Facebook posts and Tweets aren’t going viral, you may want to consider a few details. We live in a world full of photos and stories that are gaining millions of likes and shares daily! Loving stories of generosity punctuated with heartwarming photos are the latest Internet trend! That engagement and recognition is priceless. Pictures of products, and even services, have become the new way of soliciting trust from our consumers.

Unfortunately, all photos are not created equally. Staging, lighting, and technology all play a huge role in the share-ability and likability of a digital photo, but telling an appealing story is very important. Grabbing a quick iPhone shot of your employees laughing at a company party, setting up your new product line in a clean and well lit display case, or even a picture of the boss dozing at his desk may seem simple enough; and those may be the necessary elements for a good photo, but one must also keep clarity and context in mind. As a business, you are always representing your products and services!

  • Post pictures with captions that give the viewer insight on the moment. Help tell the drowsy boss story by adding a note explaining how his hard work and dedication has earned this siesta!
  • Certify the group photo added to your social media is pleasing to the eye, not blurry, or too dark.
  • The beautiful display case boasting brand new products, add a caption about the sale that goes along with the fresh goods.
  • Take vibrant photos and enhance them by telling animated stories; engaging your audience and making them feel like part of your message is a vital component in the digital landscape.
  • Post images with the thoughtful intent to invoke emotion.

Creating engagement with your following, by using photos, should be the ultimate objective. The pictures alone don’t typically get the interaction, but the story you tell can definitely summon an action.

Upload the comical sleepy boss picture to your social media account then request your followers caption the photo. The response to the snapshot transforms from likes to comments generating a desire to participate. These types of posts lead into giveaways, polls, and deeper connections with your following!

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