Anthony Aprilante Gets WSI Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) Certification

AIM_certifiedAnthony Aprilante has been recognized by WSI as an Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) Consultant for the fifth consecutive year.  WSI, a global leader in Internet marketing, recognizes that becoming an effective learning organization is the foundation for long-term success. More importantly, WSI understands that learning within the organization must keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in our growing business environment – the Internet and digital media.

The AIM Certification Program consists of an advanced curriculum covering topics such as senior level search engine marketing techniques and the latest in social media marketing, including content marketing and syndication, online reputation management and customer communication strategies. Participants undergo extensive training programs complete with both theory-based education and hands-on practice. The program curriculum is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.Anthony has successfully completed all of the courses and passed all required testing to become WSI Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) Certified for 2014. 

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