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What is a Facebook Fan worth?

According to social media marketing company Syncapse, a Facebook fan is worth $174 – and counting. This number is up 28% since 2010, indicating that social media is strengthening, and fans and followers remain critical to enhancing the online presence of a brand. Facebook fans are more important than that $174, however. Compared with their…

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing: it sounds catchy, but is it? Viral marketing is a type of marketing that relies on individuals to spread a message. If nothing else, the content is shared with millions on the web, increasing the brand’s visibility and effect. This type of online-based marketing is rather effortless when you think about it, as…

Why You Need a Mobile Website – NOW!

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not your company could use a mobile site, stop the waiting. It’s time to get with the trends, and that includes making your site mobile friendly. Sixty-three percent of users access the Internet on their smartphone, and this number is not expected to drop anytime soon. People are becoming…

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is evolving every day. Marketers have a world of possibilities at their fingertips, allowing them to separate themselves from the competition using creativity and forward-thinking ideas. Here are the top three digital marketing trends that deserve all the attention in the coming months. 1. Mobile Marketing In just a few short years, it’s…

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