A Closer Look at Mobile Marketing in 2015

By now you’ve probably adjusted your marketing strategy to accommodate the growing number of mobile users, and that’s a good thing. Though the mobile landscape continues to grow, we’re moving in the direction of relying on mobile devices for everything from browsing to educating to making purchases. But exactly how do mobile users stack up…


If you are scratching your head wondering why your Facebook posts and Tweets aren’t going viral, you may want to consider a few details. We live in a world full of photos and stories that are gaining millions of likes and shares daily! Loving stories of generosity punctuated with heartwarming photos are the latest Internet…

4 Simple Ways To Appeal To Millennials (and Why)

The millennial is your consumer. Often times target audience age starts in the mid 30’s; however, the young millennial is a valuable market. They are consumers, spenders, and research analysts. Reaching this segment is important to all businesses. For example, Young adults may not be homeowners (just yet) but their parents are. Those same non-homeowners…

10 Useful Words to Use in Ad Copy

Not all of us are good with words, but you can’t use this excuse if you’re a copywriter, webmaster or designer. These professionals know that language influences emotion and prompts action. Think of the messages that speak to you. Which words or phrases draw you in? Which sound like more noise? Naturally, there are words…

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