A Closer Look at Mobile Marketing in 2015

By now you’ve probably adjusted your marketing strategy to accommodate the growing number of mobile users, and that’s a good thing. Though the mobile landscape continues to grow, we’re moving in the direction of relying on mobile devices for everything from browsing to educating to making purchases. But exactly how do mobile users stack up…

How to Lead a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign

If you’ve struggled to figure out online advertising, adding mobile advertising to the mix can be even more confusing. But with people on their phones all day, every day, it’s important to explore this new channel of business. When you’re careful about the advertising you employ and the messaging you use, you can maximize your…

How Mobile Affects SEO

There are a number of reasons why search changes, but the biggest issue is that marketers are always looking for ways to leverage search engines and search engines are always looking for ways to make things fair. Google algorithms have driven marketers a bit crazy, but they are aimed at rewarding sites that use good…

Why You Need a Mobile Website – NOW!

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not your company could use a mobile site, stop the waiting. It’s time to get with the trends, and that includes making your site mobile friendly. Sixty-three percent of users access the Internet on their smartphone, and this number is not expected to drop anytime soon. People are becoming…

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