5 Tips to Get Your Local SEO on the Right Track

Local search engine optimization is essential for small businesses looking to capture a local audience. By optimizing your website and listing your business on external websites, you can gain more visibility and generate interest in your product or service. Without local SEO, your competitors will get all the attention, and they’ll steal the business from…

Protecting Your Site from Panda 4.1

Now that Panda 4.1 has been rolled out, some webmasters have reported a drop in traffic while others haven’t seen any changes. The Panda algorithm is designed to weed out websites that have thin, low-quality content while giving a boost in search results to websites that are following the best practices. Panda can be a…

Revamp Your Blog With These Tips

Blogging is fun. It’s a great way to show a new side to your business, share your industry knowledge, discuss your local community involvement and even show off your products. Yet with a need for more content and unique contributions, there are other things you can use your blog for besides, well, blogging. Here are…

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

We all know that content is king and will continue to be high on the throne through 2014, but what can you do to promote your content? Producing great content is only half the battle; getting loyal readers is the other half. By properly promoting your content, you can drive traffic to your blog posts…

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