Grow Your Online Community With These 5 Tips


A good online community will support your products and services, generate new leads and sustain marketing efforts. There’s the possibility that people within your community will also become spokespersons for your brand. And you know how important a referral is – it means far more than any other form of marketing. So how do you grow your online community? Start with these five tips, and remember that building communities takes time. Patience and diligence will pay off.

1. Keep Up With Your Blog

Your blog provides a steady source of content that keeps people engaged. Your blogs also bring constant traffic to your site and generate new leads. Social media is an excellent way to expand your blog’s reach because you can post new content on the social sites and keep people coming to your blog. If you’re ever stuck on ideas for what to write, think about some of the questions your audience has and address them.

2. Create Engagement

You can’t just stand around in the background waiting for things to happen. Your audience depends on you to be a source of information and an expert on thought leadership. You need to continually engage your audience through announcements, special offers and promotions. It’s also smart to share information from other credible sources so that you show that you’re well-rounded in your industry and not biased to your own content.

3. Be a Good Listener

Make it a priority to listen to the members in your community. Comments, complaints and conversations should all be given attention. By doing this, you can learn a lot about what your audience is thinking and what you can do to improve your products to better meet their needs. Your community likes your product, so you know that their feedback is valuable and not just general complaining.

4. Give Your Audience What They Want

To make your community engaged, you must determine what they want. This may take some time to learn – but of course you can always come right out and ask them! In general, your content should be a good mix of current and relevant industry news, informative information about your business, questions from customers and mini social campaigns.

5. Segment Your Community

Facebook and Twitter have mechanisms that allow you to segment your community members. Once your community grows, you can group together certain contacts so that you can send targeted messages. This setup is convenient if you want to target customers based on their buying habits (no purchase made vs repeat purchases) or other information such as location, age or gender.

Having an online community is essential to your online presence. Call WSI at 732-252-6025 to help grow and strengthen your community.

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