How to Increase Online Event Fan Engagement


Running an event online is very much like running an event in person. You want people to sign up for your event, look forward to attending and promote it to their friends. When it’s time for the event to begin, you hope to see a good turnout with people who are interested and engaged in what you have to share. Unfortunately, not all in-person events are successful, and the same is true for online ones too. The biggest hurdles include getting people to show up to the event and be engaged.

In our last post, we covered the basics on promoting your events on Facebook. Today, let’s discuss how to increase online fan engagement when running an event. Remember, you can run events just about anywhere: Google Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, Webinars, etc.

Start the Event on Time

One of the ways to promote hype around your event is to have a countdown until the time your event starts. But, the final piece to the puzzle is that your event must start on time. You don’t want people waiting around for it to start. Also, pick the right time for your event. Twitter engagement is highest on weekends, but the weekends are slowest for Facebook.

Include Visual Content

If you want to be more engaging, use more visuals. This works in almost every aspect of online marketing. As you get people geared up for your event, share exclusive photos such as behind-the-scenes looks at your brand, your employees, your workplace and fans.

Focus on Your Fans

It’s easy to focus so much on your event that you lose sight of the people who show up. Once the clock starts, you should turn your attention toward your fans such as where they are at, what they are doing and who they are with. Ask questions, share responses and request feedback from social content. Fans love to be rewarded for their loyalty and participation.

Offer Contests and Prizes

Contests boost engagement on social media because people don’t mind interacting when they may be rewarded with a prize. Ask fans to share a particular story, answer a question or take a survey, and then you can enter them into a contest to win something that correlates with your brand, such as free tickets, free trials or merchandise.

Make Sharing Easy

While you may have a great group of Facebook fans, don’t underestimate their laziness. Social media users don’t want to work hard to share material; they want to be able to click a button and be done with it. Help your fans out by adding social share buttons to your content. You don’t need to include them all, just the most important ones.

Once you run a few online events, you’ll get familiar with what tactics work for your audience. To get your online event up and running, contact WSI at 732-252-6025.

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