How to Write Ad Copy that Drives Conversions


Writing ad copy may not look difficult, but it’s not until you actually sit down and try to put something together that you learn it’s far more complicated than it looks. Though ad copy contains a few lines and a call to action, it takes the right combination of keywords and phrases to drive conversions. If your ads have low conversion rates, it’s probably time to give the copy a lift. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

Know Who You are Writing To

Ads must be written to a specific audience for them to drive conversions, so it’s important to know your subject. What types of keywords will they be searching for? What messaging will drive a click? What offers will get them to convert? Define a typical buyer persona and put yourself in their shoes.

Get Familiar with Your Medium and Channel

Your medium is the line that your message is passed through such as online, print or television. Your channel is the environment where your audience receives the message such as social media or mobile devices. Pay attention to your medium and channel because they will influence the messaging and call to actions.

Create Compelling Headlines

Some ads require a headline, and you want to use this opportunity to put something great together. The majority of people will read your headline and then decide if they want to read the rest of the copy. If the headline is lacking, don’t expect the person to go much further.

Personalize the Message

You won’t be able to put the person’s name in your ad of course, but you can still personalize the message so that it sounds like you’re talking directly to them. People respond better when they feel that they are understood, so use engaging copy with words like “you” and “your.”

Include Powerful Words

In addition to “you” and “your,” try other powerful words like “free,” “instantly” and “new.” Many people will simply skim through the copy to see what they can get, and these words tend to attract attention. After you’re done writing the copy, go back and look at sentences that are stale or boring and give them a boost.

Avoid Redundancy

Since you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you absolutely want to avoid being redundant. Maybe one word is all you need to describe something rather than two. Or maybe the phrases you’ve included relay the same information. It’s better to keep it direct and simple than fill out the copy with redundancy.

Ad copy can be tough to write, but WSI has you covered. Our writing experts know the best keywords and phrases to use that will engage your audience and drive results. Call us today for your free consultation at 732-252-6025.

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