New System Update Makes it Harder to Get First-Page Google Rankings

In May, Google rolled out Penguin 2.0, a next-generation web spam algorithm that is designed to penalize websites using black hat SEO tactics and link farming. By penalizing “spammy” websites, there is more opportunity for high-quality websites to be on the first-page search results, right? Well, not exactly.

Penguin 2.0 has been one of the largest algorithm updates, and it has affected many sites, not just the ones that have been spamming. Both Penguin and Panda updates have made it increasingly difficult for sites to snag a spot on the first page, and this has many webmasters frustrated.

More on the Latest Update: Penguin 2.0

To recap, Penguin 2.0 targets the following:

  • Link spamming
  • Hacking
  • Black hat SEO
  • Low quality content

The new update also gives webmasters more information if their website is hacked as well as tools to diagnose the integrity of the site. Still, no update is perfect, and since you can’t speak to Google’s algorithms as you could a human, it’s very possible to have a good quality site penalized.

For some webmasters, they may innocently have poor quality back links or content that is keyword heavy, while others will have to delve deeper as to how they can recover their site. The bottom line: Google’s new system update has made it harder to get the first-page Google rankings that every company strives for.

What Can Webmasters Do for Penalized Sites?

Google does shed some light as to what the algorithm updates look for, but there are many factors left uncovered. The best approach is to focus on a high-quality site that has relevant, original content, good quality links and strong SEO. Also, if you know where some of the red flags are coming from (i.e., content farm material, heavy SEO), fix those immediately for better rankings.

Google continuously reports that they want the most relevant, compelling sites to be at the top of the search rankings, so as a webmaster, you must always strive for perfection. Show your authority in the industry, and focus on adding content regularly for the best results. It may be harder to be on the first-page rankings, but it’s certainly not impossible.



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