Should I be Using Reputation Management Services

Negative search results are a marketer’s worst nightmare, and they can greatly affect how an audience thinks of your brand when searching for your company. Reputation management services are believed to be the best solution for making these nasty comments go away. They work by tracking what has been written about your label online and then doing search engine optimization by promoting positive pages. With new pages that highlight the strengths of your company, the negative pages are pushed down and much less likely to be found on the Internet.

Are reputation management companies really effective? Can they save your business from the negative comments that are written?

There are two groups using reputation management: those that want to better understand and respond to these complaints and those that want the comments to go away. Your business should be the former, as trying to cover up the problem is only a short term solution that doesn’t offer any real benefits. If problems are not solved, people will continue to write negative reviews, and you’ll have to continue paying for services to knock these pages down.

Reputation management services are most effective when you want to work through a particular problem. Working with a reputation management company, determine what the majority of customers are complaining about. Is it customer service or perhaps a specific issue with the product or service? Then decide on a solution that will fix the problem at hand, such as by increasing customer service employees or offering a replacement for a poorly designed product. When you understand and respond to problems, you are making a real difference in how others will view your company.

Reputation management services can then clean up the leftover mess. They can replace the negative pages with positive ones, and hopefully you will get some authentic pages from customers themselves who have had their problem amended. And, unlike companies who use reputation management solely to cover up problems, your obstacle will be worked through and a thing of the past, allowing your company to move forward.

If your business has a strong reputation and a solid rapport with customers, reputation management services aren’t necessary. However, they can be effective if you run into difficulties and need help getting back on your feet.


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