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It’s said over and over again how your social media posts need to be funny, creative, engaging and the rest of the works. But do you ever run out of ideas and end up posting something that you’re not proud of? Even though social media posts are short, it can be difficult to come up with fresh, unique material to engage your audience. Luckily, we’re here to help. We have a list of ideas for your small business that you can use when you’re out of ideas. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from them!

Sales and Promotions

You probably already post updates about upcoming sales and promotions, but don’t forget to throw some creative, short-term sales that will bring people into your store. Say you own a bookstore and are looking to boost your sales for the holiday season. Post on Facebook that for everyone who brings in a used book, they save 20% off a new book of their choice. Then, donate the used books to a local charity. Promos that are designed specifically for loyal followers are also worthwhile – fans loved being recognized!

New Stock

Always inform your audience when you have new stock to check out in-store or online. Including a photo of the product increases engagement – you can also offer a sneak peek and ask people to guess what the product is! One of the main reasons why people follow brands on social media is to learn about new products first, so use this as motivation for following you on Facebook and Twitter.

Your Fans

Fans loved to be recognized and rewarded, and one way to do this (while increasing engagement) is by featuring them on social media. Ask them to upload photos of themselves using your products or ask a question and pick a random winner out of the people who made a comment. You can also reward fans who retweet, repost or share your update. You’ll be surprised at how willing people are to do this when there is a small reward.

Company Milestones

Let your followers share in your company milestones, such as new hires, big accomplishments and expansions. If you are involved with local organizations, you should also share your milestones with them. Perhaps your employees spent the weekend feeding hungry children or picking up trash around the neighborhood. Always avoid political or controversial statements, but don’t be afraid to share what’s important to your company.

Other Ideas

  • Inspiring, motivational quotes
  • Links to useful content
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews with customers or employees
  • Mission statement
  • Trivia (local, holiday, etc.)

Do you need help with your social media marketing strategy? Even the best ideas run low over time, so let WSI help! We can freshen up your social media strategy so that you will be one step ahead in the New Year! Call us at 732-252-6025.

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