Spring Clean Your Content in 4 Steps


Your closets and cabinets aren’t the only things you should be cleaning out for the spring season. Your content deserves a major refresh, too. You probably have given some thought to this but didn’t realize that such a thing really existed. After all, you’ve created so much content over the years, all of this material has likely clouded your website. And it’s even possible that your business has gone in a different direction, and some of the information is outdated or irrelevant.

A spring clean is an excellent way to weed through your content, get rid of pieces that no longer pertain to your industry and refresh some of your better pieces. Let’s talk about how you can achieve this.

Step 1: Complete a Content Audit

First thing’s first: Get a content audit. A content audit runs through all URLs and page titles to make sure that nothing is broken. It can also give you a more detailed and cohesive look at your product descriptions, blogs and keywords to ensure they are matching up with Google’s latest algorithms. For more information on how to do a content audit, check out this step-by-step tutorial on Moz.com.

Step 2: Identify Fresh Keywords

After you’ve done the audit, it’s likely that you will still have many keywords in your content that aren’t relevant to today. Research which keywords you should be using in your content to help it rank better. Keyword research tools like WordStream.com provide real-time data. Update your content with these new terms and phrases, and add your location to some of the content to help with targeted pieces.

Step 3: Refresh Web Pages and Product Descriptions

Not only should your blogs and articles be updated, but so should your product descriptions, web pages, landing pages, etc. It’s amazing how many web owners go for years without making any updates to their web pages or item descriptions, which is obvious when the material is dated. Example: “We’ve been in business for 12 years,” when really, it’s 16.

Also, it’s possible that when you first launched your website, you had different writers or you did everything yourself, so the tone is inconsistent. All pieces of content should have the same voice, tone and message.

Step 4: Review Your Strategies

Now is a good time to review your content marketing calendar, come up with a list of fresh topics based on industry trends and re-evaluate your blog promotion methods. It’s easy to get in a rut and keep doing what you’re doing, but you need to constantly monitor the traffic your content is getting, where it’s performing best and which goals it’s achieving (generating new leads, increasing sales, steering customers through the buying funnel).

Just as people hire professionals to help them weed through the clutter in their homes, you can hire someone to lend a helping hand with your content. Contact WSI at 732-252-6025 for any of your content management needs.

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