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If you are scratching your head wondering why your Facebook posts and Tweets aren’t going viral, you may want to consider a few details. We live in a world full of photos and stories that are gaining millions of likes and shares daily! Loving stories of generosity punctuated with heartwarming photos are the latest Internet…

10 Useful Words to Use in Ad Copy

Not all of us are good with words, but you can’t use this excuse if you’re a copywriter, webmaster or designer. These professionals know that language influences emotion and prompts action. Think of the messages that speak to you. Which words or phrases draw you in? Which sound like more noise? Naturally, there are words…

How to Write Ad Copy that Drives Conversions

Writing ad copy may not look difficult, but it’s not until you actually sit down and try to put something together that you learn it’s far more complicated than it looks. Though ad copy contains a few lines and a call to action, it takes the right combination of keywords and phrases to drive conversions….

Spring Clean Your Content in 4 Steps

Your closets and cabinets aren’t the only things you should be cleaning out for the spring season. Your content deserves a major refresh, too. You probably have given some thought to this but didn’t realize that such a thing really existed. After all, you’ve created so much content over the years, all of this material…

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